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Design Through Execution

Fina Design, LLC is led by Barbara Fina, Allied ASID. Barbara works one-on-one with clients to create environments that closely respond to their tastes and lifestyle.

From the spare to the rare she brings a true love of great design to the relationship, whether modern or traditional. Her strength is in listening and translating your dreams into selections that work harmoniously into great rooms and landscapes.

“Together we’ll create the right mix”.

Everything will stem from your goals and preferences. There are no pat design solutions. She knows when less is more and when more is more. Every space suggests different solutions. What makes each project exciting is that the design unfolds as a result of your unique space and needs.


She understands kids, dogs, collections, and what it means to run a home. Everyone needs a quiet place to unwind. Everyone wants an inspiring place to gather with those we love. Even a formal setting should offer comfort.

With an eye toward creating continuity throughout your project, each room should connect with the next. Since each room has a different purpose and architecture the continuity will never seem monotonous. Mixing in modern pieces with traditional selections gives the room a wonderful energy. A comfortable room does not need to be a predictable room. Her ease in addressing issues such as room flow, organization, light management, entertaining, comfort, scheduling and appropriate fabric and material selection make for a thorough approach that distinguishes a room full of furniture from a room that delights the eye and soul.


Value can be found in something you paid handsomely for but gives you pleasure for decades, or something that was selected knowing the range of what is available and then selecting the one that is perfect for your needs and budget. By allowing her to get to know you, she’ll make choices that are just right for you. She’ll get on the same page with your project from the start. Midway through the process, there may be a familiar laugh when you start to anticipate each other’s next thought.


Fina Design will provide immeasurable value at every budget. Barbara’s experience and meticulous planning help to avoid costly missteps. By buying through trade resources we can save you money, but more importantly provide a wealth of choices unavailable to the retail market. She’s confident, methodical, and able to entertain whimsy when the opportunity arises. Rooms should unfold with delight, embracing their purpose and engaging your senses. From the practical to the sublime she’ll find that perfect balance for you.

Projects range from a great room to an entire home including complete landscape design. We’ll start with getting to know your goals and family. We can coordinate with your architect or manage smaller renovations. We’ll find the right approach for your project. We can suggest reliable craftsmen and tradesmen to execute your scheme and then work closely with them to assure the best results.


We happily accept both interior projects or landscape design projects. Projects that allow us to think through the whole design, both interiors, and landscapes, will achieve stellar results. Barbara’s great love and knowledge of plants and their best applications assure that your garden will grow even more beautiful with age. Her understanding of appropriate plants for our harsh Florida environment, coupled with a passion for making outdoor living natural, easy and dramatic, yield results only an experienced designer can achieve. There are myriad considerations within her process; such as determining where to define “outdoor rooms” each with a distinct function and maximizing views from within the home, and from various vantage points within the garden. She excels in combining materials to create interest and creating changes in elevation to create exceptional drama in what can often be a flat plane in South Florida.  Interiors & Landscaps  Interiors & Landscaps  Interiors & Landscaps

“Every space can be beautiful. Beautiful spaces can be exceptional.”

Fina Design is now based in Delray Beach, in South East Florida. For the past two decades, Barbara Fina and her previous design endeavors were based in the New York Metropolitan area where she lived and worked since graduating from Parsons School of Design in NYC.

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